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T. Mark Collins, P. Eng.

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Curriculum Vitae



The Vision

It's really quite simple. To be progressive, forward thinking, and provide clients the absolute best consulting services, or products.


Your business requirements will be expertly transformed by applying extensive technical skills, combined with years of industry experience to create effective, efficient, and workable solutions.

The consulting service provides valued customer experiences through system management, project management, system design, process design, technical and business system analysis.

Whether your needs are general or product specific, Systegral can fulfill your consulting requirements.


The goal of any Systegral software is to allow you the customer to achieve the results you desire from the software, with no specific training requirement, and at an affordable cost. All software is being developed for Apple products, with the present focus on iOS devices.

Present Activities

Presently the core business is targeted on financial analysis with a narrowband technology focus on specific consumer/business products, with associated software and services. Fundamental analysis principles are applied against specific target business’, their competitors, and the market as a whole within the larger economic state. Technical analysis methodology may also be applied in the process.

Other activities include; beta software testing; database design; and small business network consulting.

Continuing Education

No matter the experience, in this highly technical world in which we work, learning never stops through continuous knowledge upgrading. The prime focus is on web and software based technology.

Currently under study;

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • WCAG 2

Completed studies include;

  • The Big Nerd Ranch Guide / iPhone Programming
  • Cocoa programming with Objective–C
  • XHTML/CSS web site design with W3C web standards
  • Filemaker database design
  • AJAX

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