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T. Mark Collins, P. Eng.

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Curriculum Vitae


Intria / CIBC Insurance

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Senior Communication Consultant

As a member of the CIBC group of companies, Intria–Networks provided on–site telecom support to CIBC Insurance, who's head office was located in Mississauga, Ontario, with a number of branch offices located across Canada. My responsibilities were to provide all aspects of voice telecom support to these locations, with a primary focus on the call centre requirements at the Mississauga sites. The telecom equipment was primarily Nortel Meridian CCR call centre scripting, Meridian MAX reporting, Meridian 1 PBXs, Meridian Mail, Centrex, and other integrated telephony products.

In a consulting role, projects included; planning and implementation of equipment upgrades, including Y2K adherence; planning and co–ordination of call centre moves, with uninterrupted service provided through the networking of call centres; the optimization of CCR scripting and voice services; networking Meridian Mail systems; business recovery planning; PBX security management though automatic route selection (ARS) programming; wireless telephone product evaluation; and facility audits to reduce costs.

As team leader, my responsibilities included; managing the daily responsibilities for the telecom personnel; vendor management; change management control; budget planning; expense tracking; and internal chargeback billing.

General services involved; management of the network resources; programming CCR scripts and voice services; support of the Meridian MAX reporting tool; second line technical support; management of the Switchview/OrderPro system management software; IVR management; predictive dialler support; and general telecom consulting.

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