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T. Mark Collins, P. Eng.

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Curriculum Vitae

Co–operative Engineering Workterms


Toronto Transit Commission

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Plant Department

Duties involved; troubleshooting an emergency communication system; subway signalling system drafting; design of a streetcar loop signalling system; and an effectiveness analysis of subway track crossover switchpoint heaters.

Department of National Defence

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Directorate Maritime Engineering Support

Work on a ship noise & vibration analysis system involved; digital hardware design; and assembly language programming (6800 µP).

Bell Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Headquarters Business Development

Duties involved; troubleshooting Northern Telecom SL–1 PBXs, SM–1, Vantage 12 key systems; and an evaluation of a SMDR system.

Bell Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Computer Communications Group

Duties involved; analysis of the physical and electronic diversity of the Telecom Canada microwave network; and writing an introductory report on voice/data integration.

Electrohome Ltd.

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Communications Engineering Dept.

Work on a satellite TV receiver system involved; defining part specifications; designing, building, and testing prototype sub–systems; and translating a program for designing microstrip filters (FORTRAN to BASIC).

Ontario Hydro

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Distribution Planning & Design Dept.

Duties involved; probability analysis for distribution systems; and FORTRAN programming.

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