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T. Mark Collins, P. Eng.

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Curriculum Vitae


Bell Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Manager – Digital Switching & Peripheral Systems

As a member of the Corporate Business Development group, my responsibilities were to evaluate PBXs and their related equipment, prior to their introduction as a saleable product. These evaluations involved installing, testing, debugging, and documentation review.

In a consulting role, projects included; evaluation of the Mitel SX–2000 PBX; evaluation of the Northern Telecom SL–1 PBX; a field trial evaluation of Northern Telecom Packet Transport Equipment (PTE), including testing and debugging at Bell Northern Research (BNR) facilities; evaluation of peripheral voice and data products for the PBXs; and developing a program (BASIC) to process traffic data.

General services involved; serving as an engineering representative on product introduction committees; management of lab facilities; test equipment acquisition; and Macintosh PC support.

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